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Are we there yet...?

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Hey. It's Polly here.  I thought I should say 'Hi'.

Well. This may be the longest album in history!  Not content-wise, fear not, but ain't it funny how time seems to fly...  Let's hope it's given me the time to 'grow as an artist', or something. 

For all those who have noticed it's been rather a while shall we say, since my last News I really have nothing to say in my defence. I've been a bad friend.

Ok, so while the completion of this album has, at times, felt like some kinda 'mirage' the end is finally in now sight and I feel like I might have something to say about it all again!  It's been an really exciting time over the last couple of months with a huge handful of musical talent being thrown at the album from all angles - some amazing Hammond organ from Richard Milner (who took time out from gigging with James Morrison to come and play); the pure joy hoe-down sounds of banjo and fiddle from the legendary Joe Brown, and his son Pete giving it some god-damn funky electric guitar and super soulful pedal steel.  And it feels really incredible to me that these guys are in a studio cabin, playing on my little ol' album. It's Cool.  That's not even mentioning the incredible work Sam Brown continues to do, as a musician, a mentor and a friend.

And now we may have a lauch date! (That's launch, not lunch). An Album Launch/Charity Fundraiser 'Christmas Show' in Berkshire.   But I'll tell you about that in a minute...