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SAVE THE DATE! Album Launch Party!

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You see, I promised didn't I...  I said I would come back and tell you about a gig, the gig, that was gonna be my album launch, and here it is.  Better late than never some would say (and maybe some wouldn't!) but on FRIDAY 1ST MARCH 2013 it is happening! A very special night, not only for me, but also in order to raise funds for the fantastic Sarah Greene Charity which directly funds research into triple negative breast cancer (and get results).  It feels really good that to know that I can stand up there on that night, and feel proud that my work over the last few years is actually going to benefit someone other than me. That's the way it should be.

That aside, I am totally excited that I now have an answer to that pernnial question 'when is your album gonna be finished' and not only that, I have got the most amazing band who will be there with me on the night making it sound flippin' fantastic.  I wanna see you there! Go buy a ticket and feel good that you're getting and giving at the same time.  See the gig section for details on the 'whens and wheres' of it all.